Clients of the Future

...that is how we view the candidates that come to Gerrell & Hard seeking a new role.

Graduates (for example) will become Principal Engineers responsible for making hiring decisions. It is in our interest to foster close, fruitful relationships that will enable us to provide the best possible service to you. We want you to remember us and come back to us, whether for a new assignment or, one day, for resource solutions in your department.

Gerrell & Hard are full lifecycle consultants who fully understand the process of recruitment from start to finish (if there is such a thing). It is our business to ensure that we put you forward only for roles and firms whose particulars and culture appeals to you.

"More than 15 years of recruitment experience have taught us that it is often personal circumstances, rather than skill sets, that distinguish one candidate from the next." - Joel Hard

After all this time working closely with the Automotive industry, Gerrell & Hard are experts at looking after candidates as people, not skill sets – and at presenting them to clients in the best possible light.

As well as full lifecycle recruitment with exceptional levels of service, Gerrell & Hard also offers free advice to candidates on many aspects of career development, from permanent redundancies who wish to move into contracting, to qualifications, relocation and more.

Our vision, values and ethics

We have written a candidate charter that underscores our way of doing business with candidates. We invite you to read it as your leisure and we stand by this as a document of accountability.



Nick is an excellent recruitment consultant. He listens and gains a good understanding of the role requirements including the behaviours and team fit required within the company. All candidates Nick supplied were well briefed on the position and organisation along with being suitably qualified for the role advertised and future positions within the organisation. Nick was able to respond quickly to the tight deadlines placed upon him to fill extremely difficult positions...

Zena Clark - Mercedes High Performance Race Engines

Candidates at Gerrell & Hard


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