A Different Level of Service Delivery

With over fifteen years of full lifecycle recruitment experience in the Automotive Industry, Gerrell & Hard fully understands the service that distinguishes the excellent consultancy from the average, and we will endeavour at all times to provide a service that makes us stand out from the rest.

At the heart of our service is our desire and ability to truly consult, rather than sell. We work only with fully qualified vacancies or candidates or we don't work at all.

As part of our drive to excel in our delivery to you, we will try to ensure always that we speak to the hiring person to qualify a job specification fully, and a person specification: two very different documents that together help to create an accurate brief.

"It's our responsibility to get the best possible brief from a client for every requirement. Only the best briefs produce the best results". - Nick Gerrell

We value quality over quantity and would rather send one ideal candidate to a vacancy than ten "best guesses".

We provide high-touch consultancy, helping our clients through the entire recruitment process and ensuring that the knowledge of your unique culture is shared across our business so that we can find the right candidate for you at any time.

Our vision, values and ethics

We have written a client charter that underscores our way of doing business with clients. We invite you to read it as your leisure and we stand by this as a document of accountability.



Paul works tirelessly to understand the requirement of the roles that I need filling, and has matched our requirements in a timely fashion. I certainly plan to work with Paul again to help meet our future recruitment requirements.

Tony Braddon - Tickford Powertrain Test

Clients at Gerrell & Hard


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