Our Candidate Charter

  • We will strive to meet with all clients to get the best possible match for them and for our candidates.
  • We believe that the only way to get candidates and clients to come back time and time again is to provide a trustworthy service, so we will seek to earn your trust and repay it.
  • We will never send a candidate's CV to a client without their permission, unless we have their permission upfront to "spec out" their CV to appropriate vacancies.
  • We will always provide feedback and closure to a candidate who attends an interview via Gerrell & Hard.
  • We will always return client and candidate calls.
  • We will always be honest and transparent in our business dealings.
  • Within reason and as far as is possible, we are available for candidates and clients at times that suit you: we do not switch off at the weekend and we work the hours you need us to work.
  • We will tell you when a position is closed.
  • We will provide regular updates on the progress of your application.
  • We would rather talk to you too much than too little.
  • We respect that you must go for the role that suits you: if you accept a role via a different recruitment firm or with a direct hirer after we have been working with you, we wish you luck with it, and we hope that you will have been impressed with our service and come back to us in the future as a job seeker or client.
  • We won't make false promises: We want to earn your loyalty.
  • We will apply due diligence before we represent you and try to find you a position.
  • With Gerrell & Hard, there is no pressure to accept a job.


Throughout the recruitment process, Nick has provided hugely influential and informative support. He has remained extremely forthcoming and mannerly both before and after employment had been secured, and he continues to supply help if and when required. His urgency in following up on available positions had a major bearing on my employment success despite the obvious difficulties in the job market at present. I would highly recommend the services of his agency should you have a desire to work in the automotive industry.

Gavin Stout - NVH Engineer, Jaguar/Landrover

Candidate Charter - Gerrell & Hard


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