We are Nick Gerrell & Joel Hard

...and we are the founders of Gerrell & Hard.

Having each spent all of our working lives in Automotive and Engineering recruitment, we decided that we wanted to set up our own recruitment consultancy business and put our names to a brand, continuing to refine and strengthen the levels of service we have built up in our portfolio to date.

We met and then worked closely together for many years at a major international recruitment consultancy, gaining a superb grounding in high-quality full lifecycle recruitment. Our professional and personal development there included industry award-winning training and experience of a culture in which professionalism was a fundamental basis for conducting business.

"There will always be a market for prestige delivery-based consultancy in the UK." - Nick Gerrell

We both flourished in this environment and developed a great passion for how recruitment should be practised. We are proud of where we have come from and we enjoy an excellent relationship with our former employers: indeed, we think that the firm foundations we are seeking to build upon will allow us to provide service that could be without peer in the industry.

That is the driving idealogy behind Gerrell & Hard. It is how we like to do business, and it is our ambition to be justifiably perceived as such within the industry.

We will continue to provide an accurate and agile service to our clients, candidates and selected recruitment partners.


Our mission statement

Our mission is to become a leading recruitment brand recognised for employee values by excelling in qualities surveyed in the ‘Times Top 100’ awards.

Why? We want Gerrell & Hard to be a great company to work for, because if our people love their job as we do, they will deliver the kind of service that Gerrell & Hard stands for. Being experts in what motivates people to work, we understand that when work’s a pleasure, life's a joy.



Throughout the recruitment process, Nick has provided hugely influential and informative support. He has remained extremely forthcoming and mannerly both before and after employment had been secured, and he continues to supply help if and when required. His urgency in following up on available positions had a major bearing on my employment success despite the obvious difficulties in the job market at present. I would highly recommend the services of his agency should you have a desire to work in the automotive industry.

Gavin Stout - NVH Engineer, Jaguar/Landrover

Gerrell & Hard - Our Story


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