Our Philosophy

We consider ourselves to be different, and as such, we believe that we have opportunities for individuals that want to be doing something different.

We consider hiring and retaining the right staff as one of the most critical factors in our vision and growth plans. It ensures that our service to our expanding client base remains competitive, flexible and unique. It is also a crucial ingredient to our continued determination in creating a unique work environment which is reflected in our mission statement:

"’To become a leading recruitment brand recognised for employee values by excelling in qualities surveyed in the ‘Times Top 100’ awards".

When work’s a pleasure, life’s a joy. This stands true for our clients and candidates and our efforts to improve people’s lives through work changes, but as importantly, we believe that a pleasurable place to work will help us become more effective in business and increase the benefits and enjoyment of working for Gerrell & Hard. This is everything our brand stands for.

We are consultants and not sales people and we believe that with the attitude of being a consultancy driven business, both internally and externally, we will achieve our vision.


If you are looking to start a career in recruitment and would like to talk to us about developing your career in our environment, we have opportunities to provide Trainees with the support, guidance and skills you will need to become a successful consultant.

If you already have proven experience in the industry, we are very keen to hear your ideas, share with you our plans to realise our vision, and understand whether a move to Gerrell & Hard may open new opportunities for you and our business. This could involve anything from complementing the support to our existing client base to setting up, running, and growing a whole new business function.

We can offer genuinely flexible and competitive packages.

Contact us to find out why we really are different. If you are in the recruitment industry at the moment or looking to consider where the right career start might be, you will likely find us quite refreshing.

Gerrell & Hard is an equal opportunities employer.

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