Aerodynamics Manager

Aerodynamics Manager
£50,000 - £72,000 + £10,000 Overtime payment (Paid Monthly) + Other benefits.

Mission and Main Objectives
The Aerodynamics and Aero-acoustics Planning team is a key function within the Vehicle Performance Planning department.  The main purpose of the Aerodynamics and Aero-acoustics team is to establish objective targets based on the performance requirements of key attributes (such as Fuel Economy/CO2, Engine Performance, Ride & Handling, Interior Noise level and Overall Quietness), generate roadmaps in order to deliver the targets, cascade detailed requirements to engineering design groups, then to manage and validate delivery of these targets using CFD, physical wind tunnel testing and on-road testing.

The primary role of the Senior Engineer is to manage these activities on all vehicle programs for which they have ownership

Main Tasks & Responsibilities
- To manage Aerodynamics and Aero-acoustics development on a range of vehicles, ensuring that targets are achieved in line with development schedules.
- Creation and maintenance of a long-term strategy for aerodynamics and aero-acoustics
- Overall project management of Aerodynamic and Aero-acoustic development
- To provide technical and disciplinary leadership for a team of aerodynamics and aero-acoustics engineers
- Identifying Aerodynamic/Aeroacoustic-related programme issues and managing the development of optimal solutions
- To generate presentations, technical reports, progress meeting materials and to prepare key reporting documentation such as performance planning drawings.
- To manage and perform physical tests at wind tunnel facilities in Europe.
- Working with system and component areas to define and maintain cascaded target requirements in support of overall vehicle level targets
- Planning and co-ordinating Aerodynamic and Aero-acoustic CFD analysis, drawing on support and resources from the Aerodynamic and Aero-acoustic Engineers
- To manage physical test properties including full scale clay models for wind tunnel testing.
- To act as window person and network between development teams in Japan and Europe.
- To support styling feedback loops on new projects with design and engineering functions.
- To conduct/support benchmarking activities of competitor vehicles for both aerodynamics and windnoise target settings
- Understand report on and integrate the effects of the introduction of WLTP (World Light duty Test Procedure) with aerodynamics
- To liaise with cross-functional R&D groups within both Design and Test organisations based in UK, Spain and Japan.
- To promote and conduct new Research and Technology ideas for future model development and process improvement
- Create technical papers to be presented at international conferences and seminars.

Background and Experience
- Be proactive and show initiative and resourcefulness to be able to operate with limited direction from the department manager.
- Excellent communication skills in order to successfully present to key persons at development milestone meetings and to help influence stakeholders during the performance planning process.
- Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to network across a wide number of departments in various locations throughout Europe and Japan.
- Good project management skills, especially in relation to work planning and time management.
- Good problem solving and data analysis skills, including experience of using tools such as KT, FTA, FMEA, etc.

Specific Technical Skills
- Applicants ideally have automotive aerodynamics and aeroacoustics test and development experience (min. 5 years)
- Demonstrated initiative and capability to provide leadership/support to peers & management, within the technical area
- Develop aerodynamics and aero-acoustics physical test facilities, property specification and instrumentation requirements
- Extensive experience in use of CFD and CAE tools to support vehicle development and to optimise wind tunnel usage
- Applicants should have extensive experience in planning and conducting of Aerodynamic wind tunnel tests at facilities using moving ground and rotating wheels
- Applicants should have experience in planning and conducting Windnoise physical testing and data analysis (i.e. interior and exterior beamforming, interior noise measurements)
- Experienced in the effects of rotating wheels on aerodynamic drag and lift
- Understanding of real world effects and impact on aerodynamics and windnoise
- Work in close relationship with Styling (Design) teams to ensure compatible delivery of Aerodynamic and Aero-acoustic targets.
- Support defining vehicle system level targets including Aerodynamic Drag, Lift, High Speed Stability and Cooling Airflow Rate.
- Good knowledge of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics or related disciplines.
- Applicants ideally have a good appreciation of computational fluid dynamics methods.
- Applicants require a degree of travel flexibility as an essential requirement of the role

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Posted: 06/11/2017

Ref No: SD3706

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Bedfordshire, UK

Salary: £50000.00 - 72000.00 per annum

Contact: Simon Davey

Call us on: +44 (0)1329 828 007